Shrink Wrap
Shrink Wrap
What is Shrink Wrapping?
  • Shrink Wrap is a white thermoplastic material that, when heated, shrinks up to 25% of it's surface dimension forming a protective "plastic-coated shell" for your boat. The most familiar use of Shrink Wrap is when new boats are shipped from the factory to local dealers.

How is the product used?

  • Shrink Wrapping is an excellent option for boats that are being shipped internationally or trailered cross-country. Boats can also be Shrink Wrapped for outdoor winter storage. Boats can be Shrink Wrapped for 6 - 9 months depending on climate, weather conditions & specific needs. Please contact our office for recommendations.

What is the Application Process?

  1. Your boat should be winterized and cleaned before Shrink Wrapping.
  2. Your boat will be stored inside for 7 - 10 days to completely dry out the interior.
  4. Webbing will be tied from bow-to-stern to create an under-structure for the Shrink Wrap.
  5. The Shrink Wrap is cut to fit your specific boat dimensions.
  6. The Shrink Wrap is heated & "shrunk" to the exact shape of your boat.
  7. Breathable vents are installed directly in the Shrink Wrap material.

Contact Us:

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